Monday, February 25, 2013

Mission Field

Dear Family,
It's been such a crazy week but oh so amazing!  My first area is in North Baton Rouge and yes, our apartment is really close to the office.  But the mission home is a little bit aways.  President and Sister Wall are the best.  It's weird because I've only just met him but I also feel so close.   
The ward and people here are absolutely amazing.  They're all so dedicated to the work of the Lord and so friendly.  It amazes me how some people will give up so much for the Lord.  And I've realized that nothing will happen in the ward if it wasn't for the members.  So my advice to you guys is to become involved in the ward, it's so important!!  Only being at church one sunday it already feels like home.  The ward is very diverse and the people are great.   
So about the area...we're the first Sister missionaries in this ward for I think like twenty years or something crazy like that so everyone's so excited we're here!  My companion, Sister Calderwood and I are basically opening up the area because there's so many single ladies that the Elder's couldn't visit so it's all up to us.  It's crazy because we're both brand new to the area so this past week we've just had to start fresh and go around visiting tons of people.  There's a couple hundred members in the ward except most don't come to church, actually hardly any do.  So that's our main goal, the less actives.
We do have a car and guess who gets to drive?  I do!  Haha the first couple days were weird driving because everyone drives so differently here and it's so easy to get lost with no mountains.  Seriously if we didn't have a GPS I wouldn't be able to find my way anywhere.  It's been raining a lot but it's not humid yet.  Everyone says in the summer it feels like you can cut the air it's so thick.  It's interesting though because the grass never fully dries.  We go running every morning and there's always little puddles and the grass is always, it's different. 
Sister Calderwood is from Alaska and she's actually a temple square missionary but she's been here for the past couple transfers and will be heading back there in a couple weeks to complete her mission.  You'll have to go down and see if you can see her because she's amazing.  I love how your companion always knows exactly how to help you.  She says that your first transfer there will always be miracles and there definitely has been.  
The other day this guy named Andrew called the mission office saying he met some missionaries in Mexico and he went to church with them once and he wants to be baptized!!  So they referred him to us and we got to teach him once and he came to church yesterday.  Truly it's a miracle.  He has a lot to do before he can get baptized but I love how it's all up to him and he decided to do everything himself.   
Oh and another miracle, listen to how crazy this is.  Our zone leaders, Elder Burch and Elder Franke have been showing us around the area because they're also serving in our ward.  We went to teach a less active family with them and get this, they left their car on with all the doors unlocked for the whole hour or what not we were inside and miraculously their car wasn't stolen.  The family said that they were so lucky because it wasn't the best neighborhood in town.  The Lord really does watch over all the little things we do.  
Anyways I love hearing how you guys are doing!  And yes, I haven't even been in Louisiana a full week and I already went to an LSU game.  That's awesome that you got the picture of me.  The Elders in the picture are our zone leaders.  The sister that sent it to you is from another ward but yeah.  
I love you all so much and hope you're doing well.  Sarah and Emily be sure to write me next week you little stinkers, I want to hear about everything.  
Love Always, Sister Schmutz
p.s. I absolutely love it down here.  :)

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