Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Orleans

Hey Family!!
Sorry I didn't get to email y'all yesterday.  It was memorial day so all the libraries were closed and so there was no way to email.  Sorry and it's gonna be super short because we've got district meeting in an hour so I'll try to write as fast as I can. 
First big exciting news is that Sister LaPorte, Sister Olden, Sister Seegrist and I went down to New Orleans yesterday with a member from our ward!  All I can say is it's crazy down there and there's some pretty crazy people but it was awesome.  In the French Quarter missionaries are only allowed on St. Peters street and at Cafe Du Monde because there's some pretty crazy things on all the other places...or so I hear.  It's crazy how different it is from Baton Rouge even being just a couple hours away.  The best way I would describe it is a giant tourist trap and also a ton like Europe.  It was an awesome experience though.  We got to eat beignets at  Cafe Du Monde which is famous for them, seriously you should've seen how many people were there.  If you don't know what they are it's like a scone but covered in powderd sugar and delicious.  We walked by the Mississippi and down St. Peters street and that's about all.  Oh yeah and on the way there there's this bridge across Lake Ponchrtrain or something like that and this bridge literally goes for miles and miles across water...pretty awesome.  Who knows, maybe I'll get to serve down there sometime. 
Oh yeah and something crazy, Sister LaPorte and Sister Calderwood both think I'm going to be training next transfer.  We'll just say it's their "motherly instincts" but we shall see what happens.  I personally don't think I will.  Plus everyone around me is going home within the next couple months and even on sunday the bishop talked about it at the pulpit and mentioned how I've still got a ways to go and will hopefully stay in BR 1st ward the whole eighteen months.  Bishop Smith is the best! and it would be sweet to serve here the whole time, there's so much to do!
Here's some miracles from this week:
numero uno.  We held our first ward movie night this past week and it was a success!  We started doing it so the members can come together and get to know each other more beyond just the normal church activities.  And despite the rain, thunder, and lightning there were about ten people that showed up which is pretty good considering no one leaves their house down here when it's raining.  We watched The Testaments and most of the members hadn't seen it before and they were all very touched by it.  I think next monthly it will have an even better turn out. 
numero dos: On Friday night we were gonna stop by the Wleh's home but when we drove by we saw that they were having a party so we decided not to stop and to go see Weddin instead.  When we got over to Weddin's home she wasn't there but her mom was locked out and Weddin had the keys and she was over at the party and was in no hurry to come home.  Sister Swen (Weddin's mom) was super tired and just wanted to go to bed so we offered to go get the keys for her and she said yes.  Just this little act of service was able to soften her heart and the next day she asked us to come over and help her with her resume.  Sister Swen is always super busy and we've never been able to have a full on conversation let alone lesson with her but because of this when we came back over she sat down with us and we had a lesson with her and she opened up to us with her concerns.  Truly a tender mercy of the Lord. 
numero tres:  Way back when Sister LaPorte first got here we were visiting Sister Donahue and we met her son, Troy.  We wanted to come back and share more with him except he was out of town for work for a couple months so we never got to see him.  Finally the other day we stopped by again and he was home and he said that he would like to learn more!  So we went back over and taught him the restoration and he said that he will read the Book of Mormon!  We're going back over to visit him today so I hope he did keep his commitment.  He's got great potential!!
Things are going great here in Baton Rouge.  Sister LaPorte is leaving back to temple square on June 12 so we've only got a couple weeks left together so we're making the most of it.  There's so much work to be done here and so little time to do it.     
Mom I'm good on clothes for now...honestly I don't think they make too much of a difference for now.  However the shirts from Old Navy are the best!  It's perfect how they're so light.  The blue dress is my absolute favorite as well because it's so comfortable and light.  The pink shirt that was mostly polyester is super hot just so ya know. 
Special highlights from the week: 
- Sis LaPorte: "Sister Swen I'm leaving my pen here with you so you can finish your resume." Sis Swen: Throws her arms up in the air and says "Hallelujah!" Haha African people are the best.
- Walked into the party at the Wleh's and kids were jumping all over me trying to hug me and saying they saw us earlier and they love us.  Imagine me with tons of little African kids that were way too hyper just saying I love you!!! while I was like "I don't even know you!" haha. 
- Sister LaPorte walked into a glass door.
- Vinegar plus baking soda is the magic formula for cleaning out your grout.
- My arms were literally burning after trimming some trees at the church
- We found the mother load zoo of rabbits at the Lewis' plus we got to hold a baby one. 
Sorry I've got to go but know that I love y'all so much!!  Thanks for all your emails. 
Love Always, Sister Schmutz
p.s. the pictures are from New Orleans.  :)

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