Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey Family!!!
Sorry I don't have much time to email this week again either.  It's a long story but it's been a crazy p-day from eating at a buffet with some members for three hours, to teaching a lesson in the middle of our p-day, to having two dinner appointments tonight and we have to cut our p-day super short.  I'm writing as fast as I can though because I need to still write President Wall and my district leader. 
The first picture is with Sister Coleman.  I know she looks super pissed but she's the greatest lady ever and one of my all time favorite people we visit.  She's a hard one to understand because of her accent.  :)

There's been some pretty sweet miracles this week though:
numero uno: We were in an area trying to see a potential investigator and decided to stop by some members homes that were nearby.  We usually only stop by the woman's homes because the Elders see the men and we do the woman but we stopped by anyway.  We met Brother Born and he's the sweetest guy ever.  He's paralyzed and no one has visited him from the church for a couple years because I guess he used to be very angry.  But he was really nice and friendly.  Later on in the week he forgot about an appointment he had with us but he called later saying he was in the hospital with kidney stones and we asked him if he would like a blessing and he said yes so we brought the Elders over.  Then on sunday he called and just said thank you repeatedly over and over again because it means so much to him to see that we can searching out for him and willingly love him so much.  Seriously it was a tender moment hearing that phone call. 
numero dos:  Our ward has been slacking on ward missionary correlation (basically missionaries meet with ward missionaries and discuss people to talk about in ward council) but we finally got it started two weeks ago and had another meeting last week with some members from the bishopric and our ward mission leader and it was awesome.  We talked a lot about visiting/home teaching and the importance of it because everyone in our ward needs a friend.  Then on Sunday practically all of the testimonies were on friendship and visiting/home teaching, plus in Relief Society our teacher felt inspired to talk about that and everyone is up and ready to do it!  Super sweet how the Lord has a hand in all that we do. 
numero tres:  Yesterday Sister LaPorte and I did our first sheparding with members from the ward!  The Elders do it once a month and you just split up with members and go visit people for a couple hours so we finally did it yesterday for the first time and I absolutely loved it and learned so much.  I went with Sister Eackels and Sister LaPorte went with Sister Brown and it was awesome because I learned so much about the people we went and visited and was able to help the members feel these missionary moments that we see everyday and often take for granted. 
The second picture is with a couple of the young women.  From left to right goes Weddin, Erica, Anya, Sister LaPorte, me, and Kimberly.  I love them all so much!!

Mom in answer to your questions my ear is fine but my hearing isn't completely back to normal.  I haven't taken the allergy medicine because allergy season is already done and over with.  Do you think the allergy medicine will help with bug bites?  Because I get at least a couple everyday and they swell up fast.  Don't worry about sending any liquids, I'll get them when I can.  And don't worry about going and finding more clothes.  The ones you sent me were all perfect and are doing wonderful jobs!  thank you so much!!  Oh but hey y'all can send me more pictures through emails.  I finally got a library card and I can print up to four pages of colored everyday and twenty pages black and white for free. 
And the last picture is of our current district.  From left to right the Elders go Jessop, Gilbert, Ageda, Foremaster, Franke, and Gates.  And then the Sisters are Olden, me, LaPorte, and Seegrist. District = Family.

Emily that would be sweet if you got a job teaching swimming down by Oly.  It would definitely be a fun summer job and that's what it's all about.  I miss work a lot!  Sarah send me some pictures please...and tell this guy I say hi as well.  I've got a sweet package coming home to y'all soon but it might be a couple weeks...just be patient with me, there's so much to do here! 
Sorry I have to go!  Enjoy the pictures.  :)
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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