Tuesday, June 18, 2013

birthday time

Hey Fam!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  The big 20 already...boy does time fly.  Haha I haven't told my new companion yet that it's my birthday this Saturday and I don't plan on telling her either.  :)  no worries though, Sister LaPorte knew I wouldn't tell anyone so she made sure to tell some of the Elders and she gave some birthday party supplies to Sister Seegrist that we didn't use for her birthday and she'll probably do something.  And if not we've got dinner at a members home so it's all good.  Plus I already feel super spoiled with two packages and two letters within the past week!  So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY twinner!  I hope ya have a great weekend Sarah and make the best of the start of a new decade.  I got the picture for ya down in New Orleans. 
Oh yeah and Happy Father's Day Dad!  Sorry I forgot to tell you that last week...I completely forgot it was father's day until Saturday when someone mentioned it.  Why is it that no one pays any attention to father's day and always mother's day is such a big deal?  Who knows.  But none the less I hope y'all had a great time all together.  I'm glad y'all enjoyed the package I sent home as well.  I'll let ya know if I want you to print out any pictures as well but for now just send back a blank flashdrive. 
I was so sad to hear about Annie but I know that we'll be able to see her again.  President didn't call me or anything so I actually found out yesterday from y'alls letter.  It's definitely hard losing a best friend and I'm gonna miss her so much but I loved the talks you printed out.  Annie will be with us again!  Plus losing a loved one just makes you want to be the best you can be so that we can see them again after we die, right?  So keep being awesome!
This week has been a pretty sweet one.  Actually there's an awesome miracle I want to share with y'all.  Last week we called the Theriots, they're active members in our ward. We just called because I felt like we should go get to know them better.  Sister Theriot always plays the organ and Brother Theriot always conducts so I've never really gotten a chance to talk with them at church.  So we called them up and they said they'd have to mow their lawn before we can come over.  So of course we asked them if we could help and they said no.  But I wasn't taking no for an answer, plus lawn mowing is the best.  We had appointments for the rest of the day across town so we called the zone leaders because they have a truck and could easily pick up a lawn mower.  Luckily they didn't have any plans so they headed over.  Turns out the Theriot's lawn mower is broken and he's been coming up with ways to fix it but nothings been working.  So long story short they haven't mowed their lawn in two years.  And let me just tell ya, the grass down here grows like weeds...crazy fast.  I didn't get to actually see it but they said it was up to their waist.  After a couple hours they only got the front lawn done and decided to come back.  Oh yeah and people came by and were gonna fine them but saw that they were starting so they said they have until monday to do the rest.  So on Saturday we all went back over and finished up the lawn.  And here's the sweetest miracle.  Now they want to invite us back over for dinner, they have a couple referrals for us, and they want us to help with their visiting teaching!  Truly sweet miracles when you LOVE, SERVE, and TEACH (our mission vision).  They're a crazy group of people but I love them!
It's always hard getting used to a new companion but it's going good.  I miss Sister LaPorte so much and all the love that she had.  If you could ask me one thing I learned from her it's that you need to express your love often and to everyone.  Seriously she's the best at that.  Also it's good to act like a fool sometimes because it always breaks the ice and lets others love you as well. :) She'll be back on temple square until november when she goes home so y'all definitely need to go see her.  I don't know which area she's serving in so I'll email her today and figure that out so y'all can be in the general area she'll be.  Plus she's the Relief Society President for temple square so she's always super busy.  But if she has time and wants to, let her take you on a tour of either God's Plan or the Relief Society building.  Y'all will absolutely love her and tell her I miss her so much!!  And then Sister Calderwood just went home last week sooo ya missed your chance of seeing her if ya didn't already. 
My new companion is Sister Andrade (pronounced like Andrage) from Brazil and also temple square.  It's crazy how different everyone can always be.  I'm learning lots from her and also learning a lot about myself.  The greatest thing I've learned about myself while being with her is how much I love and care about the people.  Haha if you ask Sister LaPorte she would say I'd never like to talk on the phone which is true, I never did.  But since I'm the one that knows everyone now I feel such a great responsibility for all the people here.  It's hard to describe but just because Sister LaPorte and I aren't together doesn't mean that I can just let these people we've been working with fall away. Heavenly Father has placed me with precious souls in my hands and my biggest fear is that I'll be transfered and the missionaries will stop seeing them and they won't continue coming to church.  I love all the people so much I just pray that I'll be able to help them the most while I'm here.  President Wall said that we might only be together for the two weeks until transfers which I'd say is a pretty good bet since I've only had temple square missionaries.  But then there's also a brazilian lady in our ward that needs someone that speaks portugese.  Last night at their interview President told her he was gonna transfer her but then Sister Andrade told him about Tania and how she needs her.  So he's gonna think and pray about it and then we'll see what happens.  I guess we'll know for sure next week when I email y'all on tuesday.  I can't believe another transfer is already up! 
One of my favorite scriptures to use lately while teaching is 1 Nephi 16:28 it's talking about the liahona and how it will work.  "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the pointers which were in the ball, that they did work according to the faith and diligence and heed which we did give unto them."  But something sweet is changing the words to apply to the persons situation or questions.  For example "And it came to pass that I, Jenna, beheld the questions which were in my soul, that the answers I will find according to the faith and diligence and heed which I will give unto the scriptures."  Pretty sweet isn't it. 
And then I was also reading in Alma chapter 11.  Zeezrom and Amulek were asking each other all these questions to understand what they knew and in verse 34 Zeezrom said talking about Christ, "Shall he save his people in their sins?  And Amulek answered and said unto him: I say unto you he shall not." When I first read it I stopped for a minute thinking how could this be?  It's only through the atonement that we're able to be forgiven of our sins.  But here's the main part, Christ won't save us in our sins but he will save us from our sins.  We must choose now to change and use the atonement and then we'll be able to be forgiven.   
Well fam, I love y'all so much!  Thank you for all the love and support.  Keep up the great work y'all have been doing. 
Love Always, Sister Schmutz
p.s. the Holloways will be there this week...but possibly next.  They're dropping of AJ at BYU before heading up to Salt Lake.  Brother Holloway said he's gonna be seeing my family soon!  So be looking forward to a call from him!   

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