Monday, May 6, 2013

happy may!

Hey Family!!
Mom I wanted to let you know that I picked up a perscription this past week and the missionary insurance wouldn't work so I ended up using the regular card that you gave me so I only had to pay $10.  Just wanted to give you a heads up for thank you!  Don't worry about me, I'm fine and doing well...just can't hear out of my ear but we'll get it taken care of.  I got a blessing last week and I'll let you know how things are going next sunday when I get to call y'all.  I wrote to Dad when I first got here and had him call Rich and he said the medicine I was given should make everything better.  So no worries, I just wanted to give you a head up! 
Also in answer to your questions about calling next sunday I have no idea about any of your questions.  President Wall didn't write to us telling anything so yeah.  But Sister LaPorte says on temple square they get to call a couple days in advance to let you know what time we will be that might be the case or possibly not.  I'll let you know about skyping or calling as well.  There's currently seven missionaries in our ward so most likely end up calling so y'all can actually hear me and I won't have to wait around forever to use a computer.  I'll let you know what time though as well and as far as a limit I don't think there is a limit, but maybe an hour will be good.  Sorry I really have no idea but I'll call you after y'all get out of church this coming sunday.  I'm excited to hear from y'all!  It will probably be right after you get home from church.     
It's been a sweet week here in Baton Rouge.  Tons of little tender mercies and I continually learn everyday.  We went on exchanges again this week because President asked us to go on at least two this transfer.  This was the first time that I left our area and went down to 2nd ward and let's just say I was homesick for our area the entire time.  I guess it's true that you don't realize how much you care about the people or the place until you're gone.  Transfers are coming up next week and I don't want to leave at all.  The Office Elders say there's a pretty good chance I'll stay here with Sister LaPorte and I sure hope it's true.  But as hard as it is to accept it, this statement has brought me peace and comfrot, "Not my will, but thine, be done."  Heavenly Father knows where I need to go and if I'm here in Baton Rouge for another transfer it means there's still more I need to learn before I go.  And if I go it means there's someone there that needs me, or I need.  Either way He knows me better than I know myself.  I'll be letting ya know next week what the news is though. 
Here's a couple miracles:
numero uno:  Sister Smith invited us over for dinner to say thank you for helping us move her into her new home.  I'm not sure if I told you about her before, but anyways she told us at dinner that when she first saw us she was in a super bad mood and wanted to be really mean to us.  We asked her if we could carry her clothes out and she kept saying no but we were persistant and kept trying. Eventually she let us in and she was so grateful.  Service is the key to opening anyones heart!
numero dos:  Pecan pie is the most delicious pie I have ever eaten.  We'll just leave it at that.  :)  
numero tres:  Sunday afternoon we were visiting Sister Givens when she got a call saying that another sister's grandson had just been beaten to death so she had to go over to see her.  She didn't want to tell us who it was but randomly she asked us if we knew Sister Evans and we said yes so we drove right over and to see if she was alright.  We called the Elders on the way because they texted us asking when the last time we saw Sister Evans was and they said they saw her earlier but she wouldn't let them in.  As soon as she saw it was us she let us in and gave us both big hugs.  (have in mind that Sister LaPorte had never met her and I'd only met her once before and it was way back in march.  We were able to bring her comfort in knowing that all will be right and she will see him again.  It was such a tender mercy!! 
President Wall has asked us to send him what we've learned through the Book of Mormon throughout the week so I figured I might as well send it to y'all as well.  Becuase let's face can always learn new things through the Book of Mormon.  Something that really stood out to me this morning was in Mosiah 7:13 "...if ye had known me ye would not have suffered that I should have worn these bands."  This is Ammon speaking to the king, but I turned it around to us and Christ.  When we really come to know Christ and all that he has done for us how is it possible for us to keep on going in our sins?  The idea of an infinite atonement to me is that Christ still suffers for the things we do.  So as we are continually trying to come unto Christ, we must remember that it's our actions and choices that still affect Christ.  And then one more scripture in Mosiah 7:25 "For if this people had not fallen into transgression the Lord would not have suffered that this great evil should come upon them."  Because we are given our agency we get to choose everything we do.  Everything we go through is so that we can learn and grow, He loves us enough to hurt us so that we can become who He would have us be.   
SARAH!! two dates in two week...what is this?!  Thank you for your letter! I know, I know I've been slacking major at writing anyone back a letter and I'm so sorry for that.  It always makes my day when I see that y'all still care about me enough to send a letter when I haven't sent you one back.  I loved the pictures you sent.  Tell Dee I say hi and that y'all look gorgeous.  And Hannah is engaged?  holy cow!  I knew it was coming but tell her congrats for me.  Also you should send a picture of all these people you've been hanging out with.  :)  I'll try taking some more pictures as well. 
Andrew thank you, thank you, thank you for the cd's you burned off!!  I must admit, there's some pretty great ones from you.  My personal favorite is the nashville contribute or whatever it's called.  So how was Europe?  Did you get to see lots of people from your mission and all?  I've decided that once I return home from my mission I'm gonna move back to BR 1st ward and buy a huge van and drive around picking up everyone for church on sunday.  Seriously it will be the greatest, and our ward is like a big giant family!!  Y'all will have to come back and visit with me. 
Emily!  What are your plans for summer...ya know it's just around the corner!  Go get a job or something and do something with all that extra time.  Don't be some lazy bum that sits on the couch all day.  :)  oh and hey you could call up the missionaries and go out teaching with them...they'd love it!  I promise missionary work is nothing like you'd ever expect, but it's so awesome.  Write to me you little a couple weeks you'll have no excuse of homework and what not. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!  I know I'm early when I can just tell you next week on the phone but I just want to let you know how much I love you.  Last night we were sitting at the Wleh's home.  She's the single mom with six daughters and the oldest two were just laughing up a storm with their mom.  It made me think of you and Sarah and Emily.  I miss y'all so much and everything we'd do together.  Thank you for being the greatest mom I could ask for and always putting others before yourself.  You're the greatest!! 
And Dad I hope you're getting busy out there planting flowers for mom!  As tradition calls I would be out there with ya...if only circumstances would allow.  Holy cow and I just have to say, there's this dog down here that some members own that's part wolf/german sheperd.  It's the hugest thing I have ever seen and also just like Annie, always wanting to be scratched.  I love you so much Dad and thanks for your constant example. 
Well I'm off to go clean our apartment for inspections.  Can't wait to hear from y'all on Sunday!!  Think of any questions you have for me and yeah.  I might possibly call Mom's cell phone incase Andrew and Sarah can't be there so we can all conference call in.  We'll see what happens. 
Love y'all!!
Sister Schmutz

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