Monday, April 29, 2013


Hey Family!!
First exciting news is that Alexis was baptized this past Friday!!! It was such an awesome day and holy cow she's such an awesome girl. Her grandpa was able to baptize her and the tenderest moment was when she came out after she was dressed again. Sister LaPorte and I were standing by the door because we were showing some mormon messages and her grandpa came and stood by us. She came and stood between me and Brother McCartney and put her arm around both of us and she whispered, "I feel so clean." Pretty sure I was the only one that heard it, seriously the tenderest moment ever. I love Alexis and her family so much. Haha and then another tender/funny moment. At church yesterday I was sitting back by a less active lady we've been working with and Sister LaPorte was sitting up by someone that needed her. (long story short you're supposed to sit by your companion but we split for the meeting because we were needed by two different ladies) Alexis came and sat by me and we kinda forgot to tell her what was gonna happen when she got confirmed. So the bishop called her to come up and she was so surprised and didn't want to go up. So I quickly said you're gonna get the holy ghost! go go. I guess you're always learning something new everyday, right. It was just a funny moment looking back on it afterwards but she was so excited. In every lesson she always mentioned how excited she was to receive the gift of the holy ghost. Man, to say the least Alexis is awesome. :) so the baptism and everything was so awesome and meant so much to her whole family. The pictures attached are of Alexis and her sister Alasia. 
Here's a couple miracles before I forget (besides Alexis, of course:):
numero uno: Church yesterday was packed! Even in Relief Society there was only one seat left empty. It means so much when you spend all your time loving these people and trying to help them progress. Sundays are either the best day of the week because everyone shows up to church or they're the worst day of the week because no one shows up. And this past sunday was one of the best ones yet. It's just a little reminder that the effort we put in actually has results and means something. The people here are progressing!! And just like I like to say, you're either progressing or digressing, you can never stand still. 
numero dos: We possibly have three solid progressing investigators this coming week! The saying that the Lord will provide when you're doing what is right is so true. I'll explain more about each of them next week but they're all golden and want to learn more for themselves. 
numero tres: Saturday was our stake day of service way out in Lafayette about an hour away. We got to drive in the van with the Elders and it seriously hit me that I'm not in Utah anymore. There were trees and water everywhere, down here in the real bayou. I'll have to bring y'all down sometime soon to experience the real south. :) we got to help clean up a school though and it was awesome to see the difference after we were done. 
numero cuatro: A couple weeks ago we tried stopping by to see Sister Casselberry (less active lady) the first time she wasn't home and the second time her daughter said she was sick. We kinda took it as in she's avoiding us so we decided to give her some time before trying to come back. The other night we got a call from a Georgia phone numer and it turned out to be her mother! Turns out missionaries haven't been by in years and she was talking to her mom and wished so bad that we would have left our phone number because she wants us to come by (we usually leave our phone number but not very many call back). She's been going to a catholic church because her husband is anti and doesn't want to fight with him. Anyways her mom hearing this decided to track down the local missionaries and that's how she got our number and told us how we really should stop by again and it's an answer to her prayers. I hope that all made sense! It was such a cool experience and it's neat seeing that the Lord has a hand in everything. 
I hope y'all are having a great week back home. Most of the schools here get out in two or so weeks so summer really is on it's way. You're gonna be a senior Emily!!! Sorry I've been so terrible at writing you guys back. I think it's been nearly four weeks since I've written an actual letter to anyone but hopefully today I'll find time. Plus we're out of miles so we can't really go anywhere but home today anyways. But please keep sending letters! Haha Sarah it sounds like your semester is already packed full of fun. Who are these people you're hanging out with a ton? And are there tons less people there with the mission age change? Haha and I knew hardly anyone on the second floor...strange. Oh my and guess what? We did exchanges this week with the Praireville sisters and I found out that Julia and Sister Wheeler knew each other in the MTC, I think they might have even been roommates. Such a small world! I saw a picture of both of them on the wall and was so surprised!
Oh yeah and before I forget...mothers day is coming up and I believe we can skype if y'all want to. I'm not entirely sure how it works yet but the elders said for christmas they went over to our ward mission leaders office and got to use his computers, but that was when there were only four of them so I'm not sure how it will work for all six missionaries. Plus could we possibly use google hangout or something since I have no idea what my skype info is. Hopefully President will let us know more info next week. But if we do get the option to skype or phone call which one would y'all want to do? And will Sarah and Andrew be home for the weekend? 
Thank you for all you do! I love you guys so much. Mom and Dad thank you for all your continual support and love. You're the greatest! :) 
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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