Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey Family!!
While driving through Louisiana the other day I came to the realization that Utah will never be as green as this state.  Maybe I'm just crazy but I LOVE all the trees here and how everything is ridiculously green.  I'm not sure when exactly everything started turning green but I noticed it the other day and it's seriously the greatest thing ever.  In Baton Rouge you don't really realize it because it's a big city, but occasionally there will be random roads that lead into the forest and it's really like a wall of trees everywhere outside of the city.  Imagine trying to cut all that down to build a house...killer.  The beauty of the earth really gets you thinking though, Heavenly Father definitely has a hand in everything here on earth.  If y'all haven't seen it you should watch the Earthly Father, Heavenly Father mormon message.  I may or may not watch it every morning while I'm eating's my favorite one!!  It's got me thinking about the gospel though and how every single thing Heavenly Father has given us which is unbelievably crazy and so awesome.  The least we can do is obey and serve Him!
As tradition calls, here's a couple miracles from this week:
numero uno:  We were heart attacking some single ladies in our ward late monday night.  After we got home we got a call from Tania calling us saying that no one has ever done anything so nice for her and that she'll never forget it.  She kept going on and on and was basically crying she was so happy.  Seriously it was the sweetest little miracle seeing how little things change people so much.  Haha she's from Brazil and is still working on her english and she said she can't put into english how she feels, it was so sweet.  
numero dos:  We were able to attend the temple this past tuesday night as well.  At the end someone from our ward took us into the sealing room which was beautiful.  I love the Baton Rouge temple because it's so small and feels just like home.  Man the temple is awesome, isn't it.   
numero tres:  We're (Heavenly Father) converting all the eleven year olds in Baton Rouge! It's a long story but we're teaching a lot of eleven year old girls and they're all so cute and have a great desire to follow Christ.  Not to mention...Alexis is getting baptized this Saturday!!  She is so unbelievably excited and we're all excited for her.  I'll send pictures soon.  :)
numero quatro?:  We've been trying to meet this less active lady Sister Smith for a couple weeks now but she hasn't been home whenever we stopped by.  On Friday we stopped by again and right when we were leaving she pulled up.  Long story short we found out she was moving over by Denham Springs and we helped her move her clothes into her car.  We asked if we could help with the move and she said no but eventually she said yes so we showed up with the elders saturday morning and helped her move two giant truck fulls.  She was so grateful too and it would've taken hours without all of us. 
It was a really great week here in Louisiana and we've been keeping busy doing the Lord's work.  Oh yeah and we had our first crawfish boil last night!  Let's just say this morning I still smelled like crawfish and there was so unbelievably much it was ridiculous, but oh so good.  Y'all will have to come down sometime after I'm home and get the full effect of the south.  :)   The work here is slowly progressing but we're constantly working on it.  Our ward just needs the support from one another but everyone is focused on themselves. 
Anyways I love y'all so much.  Thank you for all you continually do for me and the Lord. 
Sarah good luck with school starting this upcoming week, you'll do awesome!  Just remember with hard classes that Heavenly Father pushes you out of your comfort zone so that you can learn from it.  And trust me, He knows us all better than we know ourselves.  How's it being back in good old Rexburg?  And just think, after this semester you'll be halfway done.  Woot woot!!
Emily you looked gorgeous for prom!!  Who was your date and what did ya do for your activities?  Details woman, details!  
Andrew enjoy Europe this coming week!
Mom and Dad I love you guys.  Thank you for sending a new package!!  Y'all are the best.  Hey and is there anything I can do for ya?  
Love Always,  Sister Schmutz

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