Monday, March 18, 2013

Mississippi River

Dear Family,
This week we touched the Mississippi River!!  Sister Calderwood, Janet, and I just so happened to be visiting a sister in our ward that recently had a heart attack and she asked us to pick up her medication and groceries.  She lives what we like to call downtown just because the houses are closer together and it's far away from where we live.  So anyways we were trying to find somewhere to eat afterwards so I started driving and there was the Mississippi so we went and touched it.  Not as big as I was expecting and unfortunately there's no gators in the river, but it was still awesome.  Oh and I took a couple pictures...:) they're kinda blurry and I hope I'm uploading the right ones.  enjoy  :)

Mom we don't have a set time we can email each week, but usually we email for about an hour to an hour and a half.  Basically we just limit ourselves because there is no set limit, and there's things to do besides emailing all day.  The craziest thing I've eaten would be pig tail and fried pizza.  I had jambalaya for the first time this past week, we actually made it for lunch and it was tasty.  Our ward is the Baton Rouge 1st ward and we're the only ward that meets there.  I believe there's four wards total in Baton Rouge.  The zone leaders, Elder Burch and Franke and the office elders, Elder Bawden and Johnson are in our ward.  Along with Sister and Elder Olsen.
Sarah I did get your letter, thanks so much for creating the planner cover, it's awesome!!  I'll write to you more in a letter.  Andrew it's crazy how much homework and things you have to do.  Keep up the good work buddy!   
It's so crazy that I'm getting a new companion this week.  We don't even know when Sister Calderwood is flying back yet or anything.  I really don't want her to leave, but definitely be sure to go find her.  She says at temple square they have certain places they have to be throughout the day like giving tours in certain visitors centers.  But I'll email her next week and try to find out when you guys can come find her.  She's got red hair that's hard to miss.  :) oh and don't worry, I'm starting to take more pictures now. 
It's been a pretty great week here in Louisiana.  And boy let me just say, it's starting to get hot already and the humidity is picking up.  On Saturday we did service the entire day which was awesome!  It was the first day on the mission where I didn't change into a skirt for the entire day.  The majority of the day we cleaned up someones huge yard that just hasn't been taken care of.  It's a huge project and basically half of our zone was there.  And then we surprised a potential investigator we met the other day by raking up all her leaves.  I love completely surprising people like that because whenever we ask to help everyone always says no.  But when we just go and do the work they're so grateful. 
Something cool I've learned this week is how the Lord really is hastening his work.  Someone mentioned how the strongest families they know are the ones where both parents have served missions.  And I think it's true.  Being on a mission I've learned so much and I've definitely changed.  I've changed in the way I'm going to raise my family and in who I am as a disciple of Christ.  The world is getting so much stronger in influencing families and people.  And as members of the church it's our responsibility to step up to our calling and act.  There's so many families down here that know what they need to be doing but just don't do it.  I wish I could just show them how their entire life will change when they put God first. 
Here's the ABC's of life:
Believe in Yourself
I think they pretty much cover everything. 

It's always the constant effort that really counts for all missionaries.  I feel like we're always planning to visit these people and we drive around all over the place and yet no one's home.  But awhile back President Wall said to remember that Heavenly Father is aware of our intentions and he is grateful for the effort we put into the work.  Not every second has to be full of teaching others.  But just like our mission purpose says, we're here to love, serve, and teach.  The best thing we can do is help them understand the love that Christ has for them.  
But anyways, nothing really too exciting happened this week.  Or at least nothing too crazy did.  I love being here and all the people that are here.  There's lots of work to do.
Love you all so much!

Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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