Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey Family!
It sounds like y'all had a wonderful time up in Rexburg this past weekend.  The places y'all went sound pretty're gonna have to take me when I get back.  Swimming, sand dunes, frozen yogurt, and family, nothing sounds better than that.  :)  Seriously I can't believe it's already July.  Time is just flying by so stinkin fast. 
A random picture of my desk for y'all!
Thank you for sending back the flashdrive this coming week!  I haven't gotten the shoes you sent yet mom probably because the office is crazy busy with transfers this past week.  Also my ear is all good now.  :)  nice haircut Emily!  Haha and I loved the pictures of y'all.  Thank you for sending them!  Sarah, go onto facebook and add Wana Lee Mills as your friend.  She's the sweetest lady in our ward and I told her to go find you but I'm not sure if she did or not.  And then tell me what she says and everything, you'll love her. 
It's been a really good week to say the least.  Our district is completely changed now with transfers but it will be good.  
Here's our district:
Office Elders: Elder Jessop, Navitakula, Gilbert
Zone Leaders: Elder Foremaster, Ageda
Tiger Bend: Elder Morrow, Sun
Prairieville Sisters: Sister Seegrist, Thornley
All of us there helping the Tate's move...that's our whole district but the office elders are missing.
All the companionships changed except ours but it's sweet.  Our biggest focus for this transfer is getting to know everyone in the ward better.  We have a huge list of members but hardly any of them are active and the majority of them we've never met.  Plus tons of them have moved and their phone numbers are disconnected so we're gonna try meeting as many people as we can and helping our ward.  I'm real excited for it because there's so many people that we need to see! 
Church yesterday was awesome!  I'm not gonna lie though, it's stressful coming to curch as a missionary because you're constantly thinking of the less actives and investigators that are attending that haven't attended forever.  Wondering what they're thinking of everything and if they understand everything.  But yesterday Brother Born came to church for the first time in forever!  We've been working with him lately and he keeps coming up with excuses to not be there.  But he came yesterday and stayed for two whole hours which is pretty sweet considering he's in a wheelchair and it took a lot to get him there.  Plus Miranda's sister, Tasha came for the first time in a long time as well and she stayed for all three hours!  Their cousin Leila came also!  We even got all three of them to come to a fireisde last night and Tasha said she actually enjoyed coming to church!  At first I was worried because it took a couple weeks for Tasha to start talking to us and then once Sister LaPorte left Tasha wouldn't come into the lessons again.  But we've built the trust back up again and we're getting through to her!  Miracles do happen.  :)  Our next step is to get her and Miranda both on missions, and Leila as well!  Seriously they are the sweetest family.  They've been through a lot but they're doing great despite the set backs.
Praireville Sisters and us helping the Tate's move.  That truck was completely packed full by the end of the day.
This week we also got to help some members from the 3rd ward move which was awesome.  Haha seriously we've helped so many people move and clean their houses I've learned that I'm only gonna give my kids one toy and we'll keep the house reasonably clean.  I love doing service though and finding little ways we can serve those around us.  Sister Andrade and I also cleaned Sister Easley's home.  She's 93 and the sweetest lady you'll ever meet.  Since she can't really do much, and her daughter that lives with her doesn't really clean that much either we went over and dusted everything which she absolutely loved. 
Birthday Breakfast!
In Alma Chapter 32 of the Book of Mormon, Alma goes about teaching people but no one seems to be listening to him.  But "they began to have success among the poor class of people"(v.2) these poor people were cast out of their synoguges and couldn't worship because they weren't dressed nice and what not.  I love this story because in North BR there's tons of people struggling to make it.  Majority of the people have multiple jobs and they barely make it through the month.  The story goes on to say that they were cast out so they could be humbled, "he beheld with great joy; for he beheld that their afflictions had truly humbled them, and that they were in a preparation to hear the word."(v.6)  I know that this is true, we're all put through things so that we can become humble.  So many people I've met here and humble and willing to give of everything.  People feed us when they hardly have enough food for themselves.  But here's the problem, "blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble; or rather in other words, blessed is he that believeth in the word of God."(v.16)  Everyone was compelled to be humble because they have no other choice.  But in reality they hardly have enough money but here they are with their fancy iphones and nice cars.  So yes, people are humble but they aren't humble because they choose to be.  I wish everyone could just understand how worldly things don't matter at all.  This probably makes no sense at all...but it made sense in my head this morning.  The people in Louisiana are crazy but I absolutely love them!     
Sister Andrade and me.
Anyways I love y'all so much!!  Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.  The pictures today include 1. Sister Andrade and me.  2. Praireville Sisters and us helping the Tate's move.  That truck was completely packed full by the end of the day.  3. All of us there helping the Tate's move...that's our whole district but the office elders are missing.  4. A random picture of my desk for y'all.  Enjoy!   
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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