Monday, November 4, 2013


Holy cow, that's a crazy story you had yesterday Dad!  Seriously it made my day hearing that you walked into the visitor center on temple square to find the elders you dropped off and Sister Andrade was right there and then just a second later Sister LaPorte was there taking y'all on a tour.  And they actually recognized you from the family picture I have.  Those two are truly wonderful and amazing!  Man I miss and love them both so much!!
This week has been oh so good!  There's been tons of little miracles I just don't even know where to begin.  Haha here's a funny story I'll tell y'all before I forget...just to make you laugh.  So the Mandeville Elders told us this story that happened to them earlier in the week.  Here they are just sleeping and the one night they forget to lock their apartment door in walks this girl at 2am.  She turns on their lights to wake them up, she's probably high or something because she was super mad and was looking for someone named Kelli.  I guess Kelli stole something from her so she was way mad and what not.  Haha just imagine it...two elders asleep and some random girl just walks in and wakes them up and she's real angry.  Finally she just left and I think Kelli lived upstairs because they heard her up there afterwards...and that's really all of the story.  Haha I would've been freaked out but it's all good!
The real miracle of the week was so many less actives came to church yesterday!  Seriously, Sunday is always the best day or the worst day of the week because they have to choose to come to church, it doesn't matter what we say to them because it's still their decision...but there were so many there yesterday.  I'll just start off naming some of the people: Pearl, Joy, Bettie, Carol, the Goffs, Elizabeth, Brittany...and so many more!  Even some members mentioned how there were tons of less actives there!  Aw man I just love being a missionary.  :)  holy cow and here's a crazy story.  So on Saturday we were trying to find a couple people on the ward roster that we didn't know so we came across this one lady named Elizabeth.  We stopped by and right when we were walking up she pulled up in her car.  We introduced ourselves and what not but her dogs were barking and she was in the middle of getting dinner ready and she said she hadn't been to church since she moved here and she didn't even know where it was so we breifly described the whereabouts, but it was super confusing.  We left real quick and just made plans to come back to see her since it wasn't a good time.  And then here we are standing at church yesterday and guess who walked in the door...Elizabeth did!  She even got up and shared her testimony, it was truly amazing!  You can see that the Lord has his hand in all the work that we do. 
Here's something cool I learned in my Book of Mormon study this week.  In Mosiah 9 I related everything to missionaries and what we're doing, Zeniff (missionary) goes to a new land and began to build buildings and repair the walls of the city (ward where we serve).  They started planting all kinds of seeds (investigators, less actives, actives, everyone!), and nourishing them.  It took about twelve years (long time to see progress) before the city became strong.  And then the king wanted to start a war (temptations, discouragement, etc) because he saw the city was becoming strong and he didn't want it out of his power.  So the people came running back to Zeniff (missionaries) for protection (what we teach) and he gave them bows, arrows, and all kinds of weapons (scriptures, church, prophet, etc.) and they fought back with the Lord (we're never alone).  As missionaries we're providing everyone with protection by what we teach.  And that's why it's so important that they keep the commitments that we extend to them because the commitments lead to action and the action leads to practice.  Therefore, when the wars will come, they'll be ready to fight with what they have.  We've been given all these amazing and powerful weapons, so we better know how we can use them! 
I hope y'all had an awesome Halloween!  On Wednesday and Thursday we had to bike all day long because the Elders had our car for one day and the next we didn't have any miles left.  It's pretty nice biking in Covington though because you can bike on the trace all the way over to Abita and down to Mandeville which is super nice because you don't have to bike along the side of the highway.  Holy cow though my legs were burning by the end of the two days...I don't know how the Elders do it everyday!  For Halloween we just did our weekly planning at night since we didn't want to be out while everyone was trick or treating.  It started pouring right after we got inside though so it was perfect timing! 
I've been thinking a lot about y'all and just wanted to let ya know I love you so much!  Keep up the amazing work and becoming who God wants you to be.  Y'all are wonderful and I wouldn't want to have any other family but you!
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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