Tuesday, January 21, 2014

transfer number 9

Hey Family!
I know you're dying to find out what's happening with transfers....so here it is...I'm being transferred!  I'm sad to be leaving but excited for the change and new things that are in store ahead.  Plus I have a pretty good idea of where I'm going.  :)  and that's all I'm gonna say about that!  Not to mention, thank you for all of your prayers. ;)  now the part I'm just worried about is whether I'll have a car in my new area or not.  On the positive side I think it'd be sweet to be in a bike area, but then at the same time I think I might die.  I'll keep y'all posted next week. 
This week has been so amazing, from zone conference to stake conference the spirit was so strong and taught me exactly what I needed to hear.  I feel like its been forever since I'd seen President Wall and we got to see him three days this past week at every conference meeting and also hear him speak.  Man, he's an amazing mission president.  I just love him so much!  Haha the best part was during the saturday night session of stake conference.  President Wall was talking and he said, "If you're skinny in Louisiana it means you got no friends."  Everyone always invites ya over for dinner and feeds you nonstop, it's so true.  Elder Perkins was really good too.  :)  I loved hearing everything they had to say!  Goodness I just love everyone here so much.  And it was so good to learn so much during the weekend, we've got some good goals we have set to work on now.  I would tell ya more about all the conferences but my notes are in my old planner packed away in my suitcase so if I remember I'll write y'all next week.
That's so excited to hear Ashley got her mission call!  Tell her that I'm so happy for her and think she'll do amazing.  If she's got any questions y'all can ask me!  Some exciting news from down here is that Miranda's mission papers are finally in!  She emailed me a couple days ago and said she's still waiting for the letter...only problem is her phone is being cut off and they moved back to Denham so I probably won't hear for a while where she'll be going.  But anyways, she'll do wonders, I tell ya I love her so much! 
I did get the package, thank you so much mom!  And I haven't gotten sick yet!  Oh yeah and for the stuff for my ear I haven't taken any of it yet.  You know me and medicine...I don't like to take it until I'm dying.  So I plan on taking it when I can't hear out of my ear again.  Is that cool?  Here's the update on my retainer...it fits!  I've been wearing it every night and it's not too tight anymore, actually it probably needs to be tightened but it's all good.  Alright so it's kinda cheesy but I related it to repentance because President Wall has asked us to study repentance lately.  It's been a couple years since I got my braces off so I figured I'd be good to not wear it...that's the beginning of all sin, excuses!  Low and behold then my teeth started to move and when I tried to put my retainer back in it was way too tight.  I couldn't even wear it for thirty minutes without it hurting and have to take it out.  It was really hard at first but I set goals to do what I could each and everyday and eventually over time my teeth have moved back and it fits without hurting.  It's the exact same way with repentance...we may think we'll be good to go without, but in reality we won't.  Then it gets hard and it's really hard in the beginning.  But then we just gotta get up and do it and it becomes easier from there.  And when we look back it wasn't that bad.  Repentance is sweet I tell ya.  Anyways, enough of the cheesy story. 
The pictures were all perfect too.  And man, I agree with Emily we got a pretty cute family!  Don't worry, I'll be taking lots of pictures today of people I love here in Covington so y'all can see who I've been talking about.  Dad, the camera from walmart is working pretty good.  This morning I turned it on and it already says low battery so we're gonna have to go buy some batteries before we go say goodbye.  Pretty classy camera if I do say so myself, I mean there's not many cameras now a days that still use real batteries.  It's pretty priceless if I do say so myself..haha but it's all good! 
Oh yeah, Dad I have the answer for your question last week!  I didn't respond because I wasn't really sure what to say but I been thinking about it and here's what I have to say.  This week we visited Brittany.  Her husband Alberto was baptized last month and he'd been taught by the missionaries forever but just never wanted to get baptized.  Finally he just said yes and he did it.  But here's the thing she said that she asked him how he felt the day of his baptism and he just felt normal, nothing too excited.  There wasn't some big miraculous change that made him want to join the church or anything.  And even after he was pretty much the same.  But everything changed when he received the priesthood!  She said now he's reading the Book of Mormon more than she does and is super excited to go to church and eventually the temple.  So I guess sometimes we just do things because we just feel it's right but don't really feel the big difference, but it's just like it says in John 7:17 "If any man will do his will, he shall nowof the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."  And eventually when we keep doing these things then we'll know for ourselves that it's true.  So I guess a question you could ask him is what would it mean to you to have the priesthood?  Or maybe even why not get baptized?  Let me know how it goes!
Sarah!  haha tell Nik I say hey too.  Sorry I've been such a slacker at writing both of you.  Oh my, you two kill me!  Tell him to quit thinking about people to set me up with!  I'm a missionary for goodness sake!  How's work been going?  You should go down to Presitge and talk to Ryan or Sikander and see if they've got anything you could do. 
Anyways I gotta get going so we can say goodbye to some people.  Just wanted to let y'all know that I love you!  I love the people in Louisiana, I love President and Sister Wall, and I especially love the Savior.  He's everything to me!  One quick story before I go.  No one can ever remember my name here...seriously no one!  I was thinking the other day and it's so frustrating because it's not that hard to say and no one will remember me when I leave.  But ya know what, I'm not doing this to be recognized.  I'm doing it for Christ.  So it doesn't matter if everyone calls me the wrong name, if no one remembers anything I did, nothing about me matters because I do it all for my Savior.  
Love Always, Sister Schmutz  

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