Monday, February 17, 2014

belated valentines day

Hey Family!
Happy late Valentine's day!  I'm glad y'all are still alive after having to go to the doctor and the hospital so many times this past week.  Goodness everyone is just getting old and sick.  Haha or at least that's what I feel like.  Coming back to Baton Rouge there's a couple people that have cancer now and are sick, it's rough.  But none the less it's been good. 
Haha here was the highlight of my week in a short story for y'all.  We were helping Chandra move so it was us, the elders, a couple of her cousins, and then the minister from her church.  All the guys took the stuff we loaded up to the new house and we stayed back with Chandra to help pack up more and what not.  So we're just talking and she's like man, guys sorry this is minister is here and then you guys are here.  I didn't tell y'all he was gonna be here and I didn't tell him y'all were gonna be here.  So we were just like nah it's all good he's real nice and it's not awkward at all.  Haha then she says, it's awkward for me!  I feel like I'm cheating on my boyfriend or something!  Haha it was so funny.  :)  I just love that family.  President gave us permission to keep teaching them even though they moved out of our area.  Plus they're gonna be moving up to South Carolina next year.  They still haven't come to church yet and it's just hard because she's super busy.  She even said that they were gonna take a taxi to church because they don't have a car and the bus system doesn't work on sundays.  We aren't gonna give up on them yet though.  I'm excited for them to move to South Carolina because Chandra's friend that's a member lives up there and they will be living like only thirty minutes away. 
Hmm let's see, I forgot my planner so I can't remember a whole lot about what happened this past week.  Oh! We did find this sweet new investigator.  Her name is Andreia and she was actually a media referral because the sisters from temple square have been teaching her over the phone.  She's from Brazil and is real sweet.  We got to teach her and her husband when we saw them the other day and they're awesome!  Plus they actually have a car unlike the majority of our ward so they should be able to get to church.  Her husband works with taxes though so he's super busy for a little bit but hey I'm excited for them! 
Oh yeah!  here's the best part of my week!  So we get this random phone call from a number we don't know and they left a message just saying to call them back.  They didn't say who it was but I knew I recognized the voice so I thought about it and it was Melissa Lewis!  So we called them back and got to talk with Miranda for a little bit.  Goodness, I love that family so much.  They ended up coming to bishops storehouse on saturday to pick up some food.  It made my day getting to talk with them and see them!  They're gonna miss Miranda so much when she leaves on her mission but I tell ya, it's gonna be the best thing for her family.  The bishops wife in her ward is flying out with Miranda and they're going a couple days early so y'all should totally invite them over for dinner or something!  Remind me to send you her phone number next week.  Miranda said I can come to the temple with her when she goes too so I'm real excited for that!  She's gonna make the best missionary!! 
Anyways that's about all, sorry this week not much happened.  But still it was really good.  Man I can't believe how fast time is just flying by the transfer is almost over.  I hate it!  I wish I could be a missionary here forever.  I love the people in Baton Rouge.
Y'all are awesome!  And I love you!!
Love Always, Sister Schmutz    

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