Tuesday, March 18, 2014

bus day

Hey Family!
First let me begin with the awkward moment of the week.  You'll appreciate this one, Sarah.  :)  Sister Mills calls and we're just talking and what not.  Then she says:
"Is your sister dating this guy that Sister Andrade knows?  The one with all the pictures on facebook?  Because Sister Andrade said she doesn't think they are yadayadayada"
Haha so I say "They are engaged to be married!" completely joking. 
Then I go on to explain that I don't really know what's going on back home and they aren't engaged.  (Keep in mind that Sister Mills talks a ton on the phone)
Fast forward to the next time we see her.
We walk in the door and she's laying in bed because she didn't get to bed until way late. 
So she's partly asleep and she says, "I thought you said your sister was engaged?"  
"I wrote on her facebook wall congratulating her on the engagement."
"You did what?! Aw man, that's so awkward!  Sister Mills, did you not hear that I was joking?  They aren't actually engaged!" 
"What? I thought you said they were! And then the guy however you say his name wrote back and said we are not engaged..I'm really confused!"
Haha it was hilarious.  Goodness, I hope that made y'all laugh.  :)
Hey so on a side note here's some good news!  We told Chandra about the ward boundaries and how she'd have to go to second ward.  And the thing is she's in charge of all the media stuff at her church every sunday and doesn't want to just ditch them and leave em hanging because no one else knows what to do.  With that she was super down about going to the other ward because she wouldn't be able to make it to her other church and then she'd have to go even further to get to church.  But then we saw it all as a positive thing so she'd have to make the decision now what to do.  So we didn't really know what to do.  Long story short we called President Wall and explained the whole thing and he said that she can come to first ward!  He said it's fine if she has to keep going to her other church as long as she knows that this is Christ's church on the earth.  Man, we couldn't be happier.  :)  and he took care of everything with the stake president so it's all good now.  She's doing wonderful and is so excited for everything.  She's gonna get baptized the week after Easter in South Carolina so that her best friend and her family can all be there.  I'm sad we'll have to miss her baptism but I'm so excited for them!  Plus she gets baptized the sunday right after transfers so I hope I'll still get to be here.  And then we'll be able to start teaching Geneva and Johnathan because she wants them to be taught too so they can make the decision for themselves.  Aw man, they're awesome!! 
It's been a really good week here.  We were super busy and saw lots of miracles so it was awesome!  Oh hey and remember the story I told y'all last week of the guy we contacted, Tony?  Well we tried calling him but we wrote down the wrong phone number so we stopped by.  It wasn't a good time but get this!  He called us later that night just to let us know he had our number and was looking forward to next weekend when we can come over!  It's super sweet because no investigators ever call us, I mean Chandra doesn't even call us to see when we can come over!  It's always us that's the annoying ones to them calling all the time.  Man, I'm super exited for him.  :)
The highlight from our week was our bus day.  The whole mission had to take a bike day one day this week and it's terrible biking in Baton Rouge because of all the traffic and there's no bike lanes so we decided to just take the bus instead.  Holy cow, it was definitely a day to remember I tell ya.  It was awesome!  Let me just explain the whole day for ya.  We left two hours early to get downtown because it was all the way across town and the buses don't run very often.  The bus drivers are crazy drivers but it was all good and we somehow survived.  We waited at the terminal for a while and lots of people actually came up and talked to us.  It was sweet and surprising because mostly everyone had never heard of the church before.  The only bad part was the buses were so loud we couldn't hear anybody while waiting at the terminal, plus everyone that rides the bus is insane.  This one old guy called us angels!  Lots of people looked at us all funny probably because we had no clue what we were doing, and we were the only two white girls around.  Then we caught our second bus and made it to the apartment complex we were going to and visited four ladies that lived there.  I actually started talking to some guy that was sitting next to me on the second bus!  Here's how it went,  I said:
"Hey, how ya doing?"
"Alright how about you?
"Doing good.  Where you headed?"
"To the lawyer for something or other."
"Oh sweet"
"Where you going?"
"Visit some members from our church."
"Which church?"
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  You ever heard of it?"
"Yeah, just a little."
and that was the end of it.  Haha I fail at contacting people but hey at least I tried.  Usually my companion would say something then but she was behind me.  Now I just gotta work on knowing what to say next.  (yes, you'd think I'd actually know what I'm doing out here but I still have no clue)  Anyways after we visit everyone we make sure we're at the bus stop at the right time so we can catch the other one that will get us to our car.  We planned it perfectly to catch the last one since the downtown one ran later.  So the bus comes driving by and totally see's us and then just drives straight on by without stopping.  Haha oh boy, so we had to wait another hour and catch the next one.  We make it back to the terminal and confirm what we thought that our bus to the car isn't running anymore so we try to figure out what next to do.  The Spanish sisters said if we got stranded to call them and they'd come get us.  So we call them but they don't answer and it's getting later and later.  In the meantime this guy comes up and makes sure we'll be safe wherever we're going.  And a couple other crazy people come up singing and doing weird things.  We were gonna take the bus down to highland to be at the stake center but it wasn't in sight so we just jumped on this other one to make it a little way closer to home.  We weren't actually thinking about getting on the one to florida so we'd only have to walk a couple blocks to our car.  Oh yeah and on that last bus to the terminal we start talking to this guy and he asks us for our card and number.  Haha he texts us later and says how beautiful Sister Wolf is and how he wants to date her.  Oh yes, she got a boyfriend on her mission.  Priceless moments!  So we catch the last bus to bluebonnet and get off.  We call the office elders to see if we can catch a ride but they're far away so we decide to just start walking to our car.  It's probably around four miles away.  We walk across this bridge and a police man stops us to ask if we're okay so we just say yes and we're walking to our car.  He said he'd follow us there to make sure we get there safely.  Haha so he's following us and after a bit he yells across the road "where is your car?" meantime down the hill this other car is yelling at us so we walk down and it's some members from another ward.  The members assure the police man that we'll be in good hands and they take us.  Haha they were just like, Sisters just call us next time for a ride!  So they took us and gave us dinner and we made it home safely.  Goodness it was quite the day. 
Haha the day probably sounds pretty lame to y'all but it was sweet.  We're definitely gonna be taking the bus more often!  Haha we even considered volunteering to give our car away to another area so we can ride the bus full time, but we decided to just ride the bus anyway and keep our car for when we really need it. 
Anyways, that's about all in our week.  We get to be witnesses at a wedding tomorrow evening!  Haha it's gonna be us and the elders there plus bishop.  The Torres are getting married and then they're getting baptized on Friday!  They're such a sweet family that was taught up in South Carolina a couple months ago and their children got baptized but they couldn't because they weren't married.  And his divorce papers were finally completed.  They have a real sweet story too.  The elders knocked on their door and Brother Torres was so angry at one of them just because he was real annoying so he invited them back so he could beat them up.  But then he had a dream and in the dream he was told not to hurt the elders but to listen to them.  And ever since then they've been strong in the church. 
And then Miranda is going to the temple next week!  She invited us to come with, I'm super excited for her.  :)
Anyways, I hope y'all have a good week.  Thanks for always listening to all my random stories.  I love y'all!!
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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