Monday, June 9, 2014

it's getting hot!!

Hey Family!
How's it finally feel to be graduated, Emily? Man, I've been thinking about you this week. It's so weird to think that you're gonna be starting college this year. There's this girl named Krystyna in our ward that just graduated too. She's a lot like you Em, haha I love her and you so much. Goodness, I miss y'all!
Anyways, back to business.  Freak I don’t know what classes to sign up for or where to live.  Can’t someone just make all these decisions for me?  Just kidding…then it’d mean we don’t have any agency.  And if we don’t got no agency then we’d just be walking around like little robots here on earth. 
Sarah!  Sweet job on getting a scholarship.  Goodness, you’re nearly done with school!  Freak how did every apartment already fill up for fall semester? I can’t even remember what any of the places are to live at.  Hmmm the only thing I’d say is don’t pick the ivy, Tuscany, or mountain pines.  Haha man, that’s like all the options you gave me.  Are there any other good cheap places?  Hmm and as far as classes, sign up for family foundations first.  I still need a science foundation so be sure to get one of those.  What happened to those foundation capstone classes…do we still need to take those?  The other classes sound all great.  I really have no clue what classes I should be taking.  Hey!  Are you implying that I can’t cook?  I’d like you to know I’m an excellent cook…haha just kidding.  Just sign me up for whatever, they all sound great.  Maybe I should just come home and go back to work for a bit because I don’t have a clue what I want to do.  Hmm the only majors I can think of right now that I’d be  slightly interested in is dental hygiene, landscape design, something with architecture or what not, early childhood special education.   Thanks for all your help Sarah!  Hey and tell Nik I say hey.  I like your dress too.  :)
How was y'alls week?  It's getting hot down here!  Goodness, the heat just drains you out.  And I hate the humidity.  Other than that it's been a pretty good week.  Our district has a goal to give out lots of copies of the Book of Mormon and the companionship that gave out the most during the week gets a trophy at district meeting.  Last week we failed and didn't give out any.  But this week we actually were able to give out a few!  It was pretty sweet.  We had to get our oil changed so we were sitting at PepBoys forever.  There was hardly anyone there but a guy came and sat right next to me so I knew I needed to talk to him.  It's funny, when Sister Wolf wants to talk to someone she always looks at them a whole lot and awkwardly stands by them.  I was just waiting to see if she'd say something because I think it's hilarious.  So she kept doing that and finally said, "how you doing, sir?" and he said, "alright, how you ladies doing?"  a little chit chat, and to make a long story short I said, "I like your cane." (it was a pretty sweet cane if I do say so myself) and then we just talked about lots of random things.  I asked him if he liked to read.  He said yes so I gave him a Book of Mormon.  It was sweet because he said the missionaries used to come over and teach him about it forever ago.  He read nearly the whole book.  He lost the book though and really liked it.  He's not in good health right now though so he'd said he'd call us whenever he isn't at the doctors office.  But man, I just loved him.  He's a big old black guy with dreads that go down to his knees and super friendly.  The best part of the conversation was when he said, "ya know, it's not very often that two white ladies come talking to me."  I sure hope he calls us!  
Ooh the other sweet experience from this week was finally getting to teach one of our potential investigators, Red.  Way back in February we met this guy that knew a little about the church and said we could come back.  For some reason we kept trying but he was always busy or we couldn't make it.  There's a member that lives at his same apartment complex so he said we could come over after our appointment with the member.  So we're waiting for the bus forever!  As in it's an hour behind schedule and we were just burning up sitting in the sun.  A nice member from another ward saw us sitting there and offered us a ride.  So we got to the apartment an hour earlier than planned.  So we decided to just see Red then. It was a miracle because he said he was just getting ready to go to bed, but we caught him just in time.  We taught the restoration.  And he said once he finds out it's all true he'll tell everyone!  He's got a lot of potential.  So excited for him.  
Oh my goodness, and here's another miracle.  We have this investigator named Andrea.  She lives out in the boonies so we couldn't see her when we didn't have a car and she never answered the phone either so we didn't have contact with her for practically two months.  Before that she was really depressed and basically only wanted us to come over because she wanted friends.  It's a miracle because she's been changing so much ever since we've been back visiting her.  We finally started just reading the Book of Mormon with her because she'd never read it by herself.  She absolutely loves it too!  Plus last week when we saw her she shared her testimony of how the Holy Ghost helped her come out of her depression.  And she said the closing prayer for the first time.  It's so sweet because I thought she'd never progress and we'd never be able to help her.  But all it took was a little time and teaching to her needs.  She's so sweet too.  I love her so much! 
Anyways, I just want to say that I love y'all so much.  Truly from the bottom of my heart.  :)

Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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