Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hey Family!
First let me tell you about interviews a couple weeks ago.  President and I were talking about the area and the plan was for me and Sister Andrade to stay together until she goes back to temple square in four weeks, then I'd get a new temple square sister for two weeks, and switch at transfers and have one transfer to train the new sister in North Baton Rouge, and then the plan was for me to switch areas.  So basically it was set in stone that I was supposed to stay in North BR for another two transfers. 
But low and behold we got a call from the zone leaders last night and both Sister Andrade and I are being transferred.  Here's what happens last night.  We're at a dinner appointment with the Larsen's, and the zone leaders just called the office elders telling them one of them was being transferred.  Immediately after the zone leaders call us so I answered and they said both of us are being transfered.  I couldn't believe it so I handed the phone over to Sister Andrade and she asked him if it's true, and yes we're both being transfered.  It felt like my heart was just ripped out of my chest and smashed on the ground.  Haha yes I know I'm being dramatic here, but it's true!  It's not that I'm scared for my new area, I'm scared for the people here and don't want to leave them.   
here's a picture to make your day a little bit better.  :)
I don't even know what to think.  I thought for sure I was staying so I wasn't prepared to hear the news last night and I'm not ready to leave.  My heart is so full for the people in North BR and what makes it even worse is we're being double transferred out so there's bound to be tons of people dropped that we need to see on a weekly basis. 
It's so hard leaving the members and investigators!  We finally started having a couple investigators that are really interested and are starting to progress.  And what makes it even worse is yesterday we recommitted Kiwanna to be baptized on November 2 and she put it on her calendar and everything so it's really going to happen, she's counting down the days!  I just pray that the new sisters will be able to build that trust back immediately and be able to help her.  And then we were teaching a family, Chandra, Geneva, and Johnathan.  I told y'all about them earlier and I absolutely love their family!  We were just starting to teach them and they're golden.  Not to mention all the less active members we see on a regular basis.  I'm gonna miss everyone so stinkin much!! 
Chandra, Geneva, and Johnathan were supposed to come to church this past sunday but she texted us saying they couldn't make it because they had to find a new place to live because rent was due on monday and they didn't have enough money.  While on my mission the hardest thing is seeing all these people trying to do the right thing but are struggling so much financially or with other problems.  At times I just want to give them everything, give them the money for rent, and rides to church, and fix all their problems.  It's incredibly hard to see others suffering, and I felt that way hearing about Chandra and her family.  Thinking about it though it made me think how Heavenly Father felt while Christ was suffering in Gethsemane and on the cross.  People always focus on how much Christ suffered, but when you think about it it's hard to even imagine how Heavenly Father felt.  And the thing is he feels that way with everyone.  Heavenly Father has the power to make all our problems right, but he doesn't because he knows it's the way we have to learn and grow.  I'm sure it's real hard for him to put us through trials but he knows it will bless us. 
that's Boudreaux, the wolf!
Mom and Dad thank you so much for sending my ipod this past week! Y'all are the best.  Don't send anything to the address at my apartment anymore until I know the one for my new area, we'll find out tomorrow at transfer meeting.  If you are sending something just send it to the office though. 
Emily thank you so much for the letter you sent this past week!  I don't have time to write back today because we need to go say goodbye to lots of people but I'm gonna start reading the Book of Mormon tomorrow and our goal can be by the end of the school year, or you can change it when you want.  I'm gonna write everything I learn in the Book of Mormon and give it to you when I'm done but feel free to do whatever you want.  I'm real excited to start reading with you! 
Sarah!!  You finally got to see Sister LaPorte!  She's really is the greatest.  Haha what did she tell you about me?  I'd have to say the funniest memory I have with her is when we were cutting vegetables for the Wleh's.  We had to cut onions and our eyes were both watering so bad!  We had just cut jalapenos before though and I touched my eye with the jalepeno juice so it was burning!  Haha and in the meantime they asked us to try this other thing that they cooked so Sister LaPorte shoved it in my mouth because I couldn't open my eyes at all.  Haha we were both crying and laughing.  Finally we left and and went home and there Sister LaPorte touched her eyes with the jalepeno juice and her eyes were burning.  So I told her it was the jalepenos and she was freaking out!  Haha good times.  Good luck with the start of a new semester at school!  Tell Dee and Whitney I say hey.  :) 
Well, my mind is going crazy with things we need to do and people we need to see before tomorrow.  Hope y'all enjoy your tuesday and rest of the week.  I'll write to y'all next week! 
Love Always, Sister Schmutz  

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