Monday, April 21, 2014

happy Easter! :)

Hey Y'all! 
Sorry it's taken so long to email y'all today.  I've been throwing up all morning so pray that I don't throw up all over the library computers.  That would be pretty nasty!  Haha nah, I'm feeling a lot better so don't worry.  I must've just eaten something bad this morning. 
This past week was so good!  I'm so happy y'all got to see Miranda.  She's awesome, isn't she?  :)  I just love her!  She'll do an awesome job on her mission.  And she said y'all are so nice too.  And thank you so much for sending the water bottle with Sister Brown, it's exactly what I needed.    
Remember how I said our car wasn't fixed yet?  Well..the office elders told us earlier this week that our area is officially a bike/bus/walking area now!  Haha I think it's hilarious because right after our first bus day forever ago, Sister Wolf and I were just thinking of how awesome it was and we even talked about giving our car up so we could use the bus system.  Plus there's tons of other areas that need a car more than ours.  We decided to not actually do it though because a car is very useful.  But then reality hit..funny how that works out isn't it.  Our car just got done being fixed today and I'm not sure who they'll be giving it to, but it's all good.  The office elders mentioned that we might get a car back and we'll have to share it with the elders, but we shall see.  Riding the bus isn't that bad though.  It's extremely frustrating at points but I like it. :)

This transfer is gonna be such a good one!  The office elders are back in our ward so our district is back to normal now.  The office elders are Elder Watkins and Elder Steele and then the north elders are Elder Navitikula and Elder Gillen.  They're all awesome so I'm really excited!  Plus we got a new roommate..the spanish sisters are in a trio now. 
And yes, Chandra did get baptized yesterday!!  Aw man, so good.  :)  we went over for the interview wednesday night and it went great.  Haha we even missed all our buses so we were stranded a couple miles away from home way past curfew.  We had our bikes so we could've easily riden home but the elders were on foot and didn't know where home was so we ended up walking with them until the office elders could come pick us all up.  Haha man, it was quite the way to start off the new transfer.  Chandra and her family met up with Amy's family in Mississippi for a couple days and then they all drove back for church sunday morning.  And the baptism was right after church.  We didn't even get to see the baptism because Geneva was freaked out because she saw her mom in a box full of water and ran outside so we went out to get her.  But otherwise I think it went pretty well.  We're super excited for her!  I think they should call her to be one of the young womens leaders because Chandra would be awesome at that!  It was a super sweet day and Amy is so nice.  We'd been texting Amy practically every week and it's perfect because she's always right there to support Chandra. 

We did lots of service this week!  Man I tell ya, there's nothing better than serving.  The young women had a yard sale/bake sale/car wash saturday morning to raise money for girls camp.  So we got to help out with that and it was really fun.  Haha I got really sunburned, but it was a fun day.  And then earlier in the week we broke into Missy's house and started cleaning it up for her.  (no worries, she gave us permission to break in)  her house isn't that bad but it's just overwhelming because there's stuff everywhere.  Her mom used to live there right before she passed away and she's the one that made it so messy.  We started with cleaning lots of random things but the bookshelves looked so good when we were done.  She kept saying how shiny they looked.  :) we should've taken a before an after picture. 
Haha oh my and here's the random funny moment from the week.  Yesterday in sacrament meeting the choir was singing He is Risen or one of those easter songs.  We're in the choir too, just so you know.  So anyways it goes really well until the very last line.  Have in mind that we'd only practiced a couple times and the week before we decided to change it and slow down for the last line.  Well, when we get up there to sing lots of others that hadn't been to practice come up.  And the very end Sister Mills leads us to slow down, half of the people singing don't even watch her.  Sister Theriot playing the organ is playing at a different speed then we're supposed to be singing.  And everyone is singing hallelujah completely off.  Oh my goodness it was terrible.  We walked back to our seats and just started cracking up.  Man, it was so bad. 
Anyways, the library is about to close.  Just wanted to say that y'all are awesome!  And guess what?  I LOVE you!!
Love Always, Sister Schmutz 

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