Tuesday, April 15, 2014

transfer 11?

Hey Family!
So guess who's getting transferred?!  Haha just kidding.  Sister Wolf and I both get to stay in Baton Rouge together!  We're really excited.  :) man I just love this place.  This coming transfer is gonna be a really good one, I just got a good feeling about it.  Haha and last transfer was the most stressful/weird/good/unexpected transfer yet..it was just a strange transfer.  It was funny because I talked in sacrament meeting on sunday and they mentioned that transfers are this week so tons of people came up thinking I was gonna be leaving and were saying goodbye.  I'm sure they'll be surprised to see both of our faces next sunday.  :) we got tons of sweet potentials to work with this transfer and it's gonna be real good. 

Hey and guess who's getting baptized this sunday?  Chandra is!!  She called us earlier last week asking if she could push her baptism forward a week.  She originally wanted to get baptized in South Carolina so her best friend Amy and all her family could be there.  But turns out that some of them wouldn't be there and some of Amy's family is coming down here easter weekend.  So her husband is gonna baptize Chandra and she's super excited!  We have an appointment with her later today haha and we're gonna teach her practically all the commandments, follow the prophet, obedience, honor the law, ten commandments, sabbath day, and about the temple.  Haha and this is gonna be our first lesson we're having with a member present.  It's gonna be quite the interesting lesson.  She'll have her baptism interview wednesday and then they're going out of town until sunday morning.  Kinda a crazy couple of days but we're really excited for her.  Please keep her and her family in y'alls prayers. 

Our car still isn't fixed yet!  Haha who knows, maybe they gave our car to someone else because it's taking forever!  We've been taking the bus everywhere.  I must say I really like taking the bus, the only downside is it takes about an hour and a half to get anywhere.  But hey it only costs four dollars for the day so it's not that bad.  The elders don't have a car either so they're in our same boat right now too.  Mom, don't worry about the car crash, we are completely fine.  :)  it's hilarious too because pretty much all the members freak out when they find out we have to ride our bike/walk/take the bus.  They want to drive us everywhere and treat us like little kids, it's so funny. 

Well, the Torres moved to Texas on Saturday.  Bummer too because they were really good for our ward.  The week they got baptized Steven's ex wife lost her job so they ended up moving to Texas and took his children with them.  They wanted to be close to them so they had to move along to.  We went to help them pack up friday night and they left so much stuff!  They didn't even start packing until we were there and then they just filled their little van and left the rest there.  Then on saturday we went back and cleaned out their whole apartment for them and took lots of stuff to the church for a yard sale the young women are having this weekend. 

I wish I had a funny story to tell y'all from last week but I can't really remember much that happened.  Oh something cool though is Gladys Knight is coming in two weeks with a choir to sing and what not.  So we've been asking to invite lots of people because it should be really good.  If we had a car we'd be going around to all these less active members but unfortunately we don't.  So we decided to call all the ladies on our ward roster.  Most of them don't answer or their phones are disconnected but two less actives we've never met before were really excited about it and are really looking forward to it.  So I'd say that's a pretty sweet little miracle. 

Well, sorry for the lame email today.  Oh hey but y'all should check out this awesome video.  Share it on facebook/twitter or something!  Here, I'll make it easy for y'all, just click Because of Him.  I absolutely love it!   I've been thinking about the resurrection of Christ all week, since it's easter and all.  And I found this scripture, 1 Corinthians 15:22 "For as in Adam alldieeven so in Christ shall all be made alive."  I never really thought about it this way before, but if Christ wasn't resurrected none of us could live again.  I used to always just think it's cool that he came back, but didn't think much of it.  But it's essential!  Because Christ lives, we all will live again!

Y'all are awesome.  Don't forget to remember Christ this Easter season.  Love y'all so much.  :)
Love Always, Sister Schmutz
p.s. Sarah good luck with the start of a new semester.  And good luck to the rest of y'all with the end of school.    

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