Monday, August 12, 2013

Ain't God Good

Hey Family!!
First things first y'all need to go find Sister LaPorte!  She goes home in November so I know it seems like y'all still have a lot of time to go find her but before you know it she'll be back home.  And I already told her that everyone is home for summer and you'll be heading down there soon.  So go find her!  In answer to your question Sarah, you could take starbursts.  :)
This new transfer is so different but it's gonna be a good one.  They split our district so now it's only us, the office elders, and the north elders in our district.  I miss having prarieville and tiger bend but it's also nice because it's just our ward in our district which means we'll be more unified.  Plus the north elders were double transfered in so they don't know anyone so there's a lot of work to be done!  It was kinda a slow wek to start off with but nonetheless there were still plenty of miracles.   
Here's just a couple miracles: 
numero uno: Kiwanna is a new investigator of ours that we met a couple months ago, she's actually the niece of another investigator we've been teaching and we finally called her up and visited her this past week.  She's just searching for peace and comfort and earnestly wants to understand Christ more and come to church!  She couldn't make it to church yesterday because she had to work but she said she's gonna ask for church off.  This was her text to us on saturday,  "They made the schedule before I got a chance so I won't be able to make it but I will ask them to give me sundays off sense I will be joining your church so I can't make it but next sunday will be promised."  We taught the plan of salvation when she was at her aunt's a couple months ago but other than that we only talked about Christ when we came to visit her.  But her family is all set on coming to church and I think she's amazing!  It will be awesome to see her help out her whole family and also help herself. 
numero dos:  We called up a less active member, Sister Queen to see if we could come see her and she said yes!  On thursday we planned on talking about the Book of Mormon and she said she wanted to start reading it over again and so we get to go read with her every week now!  Plus she doesn't usually come to church because it's hard to get a ride but she ended up coming yesterday and staying for all three hours. :)
numero tres:  On friday we had plans to go see Sister Williams but when we got there her daughter said she wasn't home.  We randomly picked someone that lived nearby to go visit and it turns out that Tommy, the guy we randomly stopped by to see, is actually Sister Coleman's nephew!  He said he would love for us to come over more often and bring the spirit back into his home.  We called up Sister Coleman and she was super surprised we just found her nephew so now the goal is to get him back to church and then he can give Sister Coleman rides to church as well!  Unfortunately neither of them came yesterday but it's always a work in progress. 
Emily congratulations on making captain this year!!  Remember to always be a good influence on those around you.  You're gonna be great at it and I'm so proud of you!  Let's just say I'm glad to call you my sister.  :) 
When Andrew gets home definitely have him write me about his experiences in Africa.  I want to hear about everything with pictures included!! 
Thanks for writing to me Sarah!  The missionary work in Baton Rouge is going well.  Always so much to do and so many people to see...I absolutely love it!  Surprisingly it's not that hot and humid out lately.  At least for me it's nothing compared to the humidity we felt on the cruise but maybe I'm just more use to it.  I loved all the pictures you sent of Lucy!  Haha man she looks like a little trouble maker but also a sweetheart.  So have you been working at Kohl's during your seven week break?  I must admit that I miss work a lot and I'm excited to go back.  Geez it's so crazy that you're gonna be starting your third year of school soon!  Sister Calderwood, LaPorte, and Andrade all went to BYU- Idaho which I think is so crazy.  Haha we were at Miranda and Tasha's the other day and we were talking about how crazy it would be if the four of us were roommates there.  Good luck thinking about which major to change to!  Hey and you should wait to go with me to India or Thailand next year.  :)     
Mom and Dad thank you for all you do!  I'm printing out your talk so I can read it later but it sounds great so far.  I gave a talk in sacrament meeting way back when I first got here but other than that I haven't talked since.  Thank you for figuring out all the scripture things mom!  Dad, Barney Cutchen is in our ward but he never attends because he used to work with the bishop in second work.  We still try to see him every other week or so.   
Let's see...something I learned from the Book of Mormon this week was in 3 Nephi 5:2-3 which says, "And they knew that it must be expedient that Christ had come, because of the many signs which had been given, according to the words of the prophets; and because of the things which had come to pass already they knew that it must needs be that all things should come to pass according to that which had been spoken.  Therefore they did forsake all their sins, and their abominations, and their whoredoms, and did serve God with all diligence day and night."  The part I really like is right before they were talking about the prophets and how they were testifying of Christ and how the signs came which meant Christ had come.  And because Christ had come they decided to forsake, or abandon all their sins and everything they were doing wrong and full heartedly serve God will all diligence everyday.  Christ is the ultimate movitator for everything.  They were willing to give up their sins, which is often times the hardest things to give up, in order to serve God. 
I hope y'all have a wonderful week and know that I love you!!
Love Always,  Sister Schmutz   

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