Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey Family!! 
Thank you for sending the package.  Y'all are the best!  Mom be sure to take the money out of my account to pay you back for the scriptures.  I wrapped them this morning and we'll give them to Alexis on Wednesday when we see her.  :)  Holy cow, school starts this week for you Emily!  It's crazy how fast time keeps flying by.  August is almost over and before we know it the year will already be close to done.  Thank you for the bracelet from Africa, Andrew!  Dad sent me a picture of the stuff you brought home and it all looks pretty sweet.  When you find some time you'll need to send a couple pictures.  Dang Sarah you'll need to get a job with red hanger when you move back in the winter.  Even better go to prestige and talk with Sikander or Ryan.  It sounds like things have been going awesome at home.  Go find Sister LaPorte!  I told her y'all are coming and she'll be looking for ya.  Hey and before I forget I have a sweet miracle to tell y'all. 
Alright so last week I told you about Kiwanna, right.  Okay so on Wednesday we went over to see her.  I was talking with Sister Andrade before and mentioned how in the past my companions always commited everyone to be baptized and I never of course she said that today was my day!  After six months you'd think it's about time.  Anyways we get there and talk about the priesthood and authority along with following the example of Jesus Christ.  I was nervous to commit her but finally just said it haha and I caught her off guard.  Basically this is how it went.  "Kiwanna will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority?"  "What did you just say?"  "Umm..will you be baptized by someone holding the proper authority?"  "If that's a good thing and what I'm supposed to do then sure!"  Long story short we talked about Joseph Smith afterwards and how he saw the Father and His son.  We asked if she believed that someone could see Him and she said she didn't believe it could happen today.  I think we overwhelmed her a ton but nonetheless we committed her to pray to know if Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ.  Then Sunday rolled around and she said she was coming to church but she never showed up.  So we decided to just stop by Sunday evening and see what was up.  Long story short she forgot to ask work off so she had to work and then she forgot to tell us she couldn't come.  So we were all just sittin there talking about who knows what when she says, "You know how y'all asked me to pray about Joseph Smith?  Well I have something to tell y'all but I don't think anyone but y'all will believe me."  Turns out she prayed and this is what she said, "Icould almost hear the answer was yes but Ifelt it in her heart that it was true!"  Holy cow we didn't even know how to respond to her!!  Oh yeah and here it gets even better.  While we're sitting there, in walks some random people and low and behold one of them was at church today!  Turns out her cousin is actually a member and she didn't even know it!  Her cousin actually lives up in Baker but she attends our ward alot because she's helping her dad get to church so they can both go to the temple.  Kiwanna's cousin sat in on the lesson and shared her testimony which was so awesome!  Such a crazy story but so amazing!! 
Another little miracle was on friday we didn't know who to go see.  All of our plans had fallen through and we were just stuck.  While driving I thought that we should stop by Sister Holland's home because she lived nearby and she was home!  We found out she needed help moving all her stuff into storage so then we were able to go help her the next day.  It's inrecible how the Lord always places you in the spot where you're needed.  Plus when we were there she basically taught us!  She shared about her conversion story and how she shared the Book of Mormon with a friend.  She's incredible! 
Seriously mission life is the absolute greatest!  I love all the people in Louisiana, especially those in North Baton Rouge. 
Something I learned in my studies this week was in the book of Job.  In just the first chapter terrible things had happened to him repeatedly and all so fast.  These terrible things included, "slain the servants, burned up the sheep and the servants, fell upon the camels, and have carried them away, yea, and slain the servants with the edge of the sword, thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine and the four corners of the house full upon the young men, and they were dead."  But through this, "In all this Job sinned not, nor charged(accused) God follishly" (v.22).  He didn't get mad at God for everything that had happened because he understand that God has a plan for everyone and He understands more than we can comprehend.  It's amazing because often times in these circumstances we tend to blame God and continue to ask him why?  But when we begin to understand his ways it makes it just a little easier. 
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!  I love y'all so much.  :)
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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