Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transfer Number 5

Hey Family!
It looks like y'all are doing well back home.  Having fun with Lucy all the time...she looks like quite the little sassy puppy!  So the big news for transfer number 5 is that Sister Andrade and I are both staying in Baton Rouge!  I thought for sure one of us was going to be leaving but we're still here.  I'm super happy and ready to make the most of the coming transfer.  We've already set some goals and things to accomplish and it's gonna be great!  We're both in our comfort zones here and ready to work hard.  Our district is staying all the same except the zone leaders are switching to a new area so that means we get two new elders in our ward in place of the zone leaders, plus they're gonna be on bikes!  I don't know how they're gonna survive in our giant area on bikes but I'm sure they'll make it work somehow.  And then we get one new office elder.  I think it's gonna be a terrific transfer.  :)  I'll let y'all know who they are next week!  I'm so happy to be staying in BR 1st ward for at least another transfer because it's just home for me.  I love all the people and all the craziness that goes on in our ward because it makes us who we are. 
This past week has been a pretty sweet week!  I wanted to share just a couple miracles with y'all before I forget:
numero uno:  On the last day of July we had a lot more miles than usual to drive so we decided to go visit some members that live way out in the boonies that we usually never get the chance to visit since miles are limited.  After repeated appointments fell through it just came to my mind to go see this active family, the Palubinskas because I knew they lived up in the general area.  So we found her house and stopped by and she let us in.  Only to find out that she's been having a terrible week/day/month and her husband has been out of town for the past several months so it's just her and her daughter there and she just needed some peace and comfort.  I'm not sure if anything we said really helped her but she said we were an answer to prayers!  It was awesome to see how the spirit can work in bringing us to exactly who needs us. 
numero dos:  Last week we started reading 1 Nephi 2 with Sister Mills in order for her to start reading her scriptures again and we commited her to keep reading.  Previously in the past she said she would read but she never did so this week we came over prepared to read 1 Nephi 3 with her.  But low and behold we showed up to find out she read all the way to 1 Nephi 22!  She said she's been staying up late when it's quite and peaceful so she can read the scriptures and she's felt the comfort that comes from it.  Seriously the Book of Mormon is absolutely amazing!! 
numero tres: The spanish sisters put on a musical fireside sunday evening for everyone to invite ward members, investigators, and anyone.  And guess who came?!  One of our investigators, Nicollette came!  She said she really like it.  Plus it's been super hard getting in contact with her because we don't have her address and her cell phone is broken.  But she's awesome!!  I think I mentioned her to y'all before when I was talking about shepharding with Sister Lewis because they work together and that's how we got to meet her.  And then yesterday we got to clean up Sister Lewis' yard with the rest of the district just because everything was al overgrown and such.  We're hoping to be able to help her clean the inside of her house with her so we can bring Nicollette over to her place soon and have lessons there. 
Haha and yes Mom, I did get y'alls email last week.  I got it right before we were leaving though so I had already written and sent my email to you.  Thank you for helping me out with everything.  I hope work is going well for you and primary is going okay as well.  Good luck with trying to train Lucy in the upcoming weeks!  You'll have to let me know if anything funny happens with her.  :)
Good luck with soccer tryouts today Emily!  You're gonna do great.  Sarah write me back!!  Tell Andrew that he better send me some pictures from all his experiences in Africa! 
Something I liked from the Book of Mormon this week was in Jacob 2:8 "And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul."  When you think about it, it's really unique and inspiring that the word of God (scriptures) can heal the wounded soul.  A soul is also refered to as our own spirit and when we die our spirit is what we take with us.  Everyones soul/spirit is unique to them because it contains all the memories and personalities that only they can hold.  So it's amazing that no matter who goes through what, the word of God can heal you.  In relating to that is the talk  Sugar Beets and the Worth of A Soul by President Monson.  I found this talk earlier this week and absolutely love it.  It's so inspiring to know how much every single soul is worth to God.  And that's where it all comes down to, saving the souls that are lost or fallen away.  In ward council earlier this week we've been talking about how we can improve our Work of Salvation in the ward and Elder Jessop mentioned what Elder Bednar said back when he came to visit last year.  Elder Bednar said something along these lines that he wished someone would pray in sacrament meeting that they'd be able to help those lost souls and then in priesthood/relief society everyone left and found someone that wasn't at church but needed to be and it was their responsibility in helpin them come back next week.  It would be my dream to have that happen to our ward because there are so many people that could and need to do that.  If we all just find one person and help that one then eventually they'll be able to help another one and the list keeps going on and on.  The work of the Lord is hastening and we have to step up and be ready for when he comes again. 
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!  Know that you're always in my prayers and that I love y'all dearly.  Let me know if you have any questions I can answer next week! 
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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