Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey Family!!
Conference was so good, wasn't it!  Goodness I just love what the prophet and apostles always have to say, and they're always so inspired!  For conference this year we just watched it at the church.  Haha when we got to the church I was kinda just expecting it to be set up in the chapel on the projector because it was last conference but we got to the church and nothing was set up.  We couldn't find the projector or anything but luckily we had a key to the library so we got one of the tvs and plugged it into the wall thingy and were able to watch conference!  It was a close call though because if we didn't have the key we wouldn't have been able to watch it!  The only ones there were us, the Mandeville Elders, and Sister Walkup. I guess the Covington Elders were at a members house the whole weekend, but it was still fun with just the five of us.  Sister Walkup brought food so we got to eat lots and enjoy conference.  What were y'all favorite talks?  I think the repeated themes that kept sticking out to me where true conversion, covenants, priorities, and love. 
By far the best news from this week was hearing that Alasia was baptized last Sunday!!  I've emailed Amanda but she hasn't emailed me back but since Sister Andrade is serving down at LSU she sees some of 1st ward members at stake conference and what not, and Miranda goes to the singles ward every other week so she's keeping us updated on a couple things back there.  Man I miss everyone in 1st ward so much.  I'll just say it as Sister Andrade put it, " But yeah, I know what you mean...I feel like there is no other place like 1st ward my friend... good ol' 1st ward!"
It's so crazy to think that Aaron is coming home this week!  If y'all talk to him tell him I say hey and congratulations on honorably completing his mission.  Oh hey and by the way I believe Jed should be coming home sometime soon, not sure exactly when but I'm gonna send him a letter today and tell him to come get the box of things I have for him.  So be looking out for him soon! 
So Sister Brady is from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  My first companion that isn't a temple square sister and also my first companion from Utah!  It's definitely weird but good.  She's quiet just like me so it's been a struggle but we're both learning to talk more.  Haha the first thing President Wall said after he anounced we'd be together at transfer conference was, "I wonder which one will talk first."  It's definitely hard but I've learned that we can only grow when we're pushed out of our comfort zone. 
This week has been a pretty good one to say the least.  We were hoping we'd get a 'hurrication'  from the storm that was coming up, but turns out it died down a lot before it even got close.  I'm sure y'all were probably watching the news and saw all that.  It's still taking some time adjusting to all the differences here but I'm learning to love the people.  One of my favorites is this lady named Pearl that we go see every week.  She's a member, but a single sister so we go just to visit and bring her some company.  Haha and seriously every single time she tells us the same stories but somehow they always change.  She's hilarious to say the least.     
Emily you better take the job at Red Hanger!  Seriously it's the best and you'll love, dude and you know she keeps calling you because she knows you'll be a hard worker just like me.  ;)  so you better live up to that example!  When is homecoming this year?  Goodness and the soccer season is already done...where does time seem to go? You better still be reading the Book of Mormon! 
Thank you for the picture Sarah, I love it!!  Haha I love my three coolest cubes in the freezer.  ;)  Haha and that's awesome that you found those seasoning at the grocery store.  I'm sending you the best of luck for teaching your class soon, you're gonna do great! 
So what's new with y'all?  If y'all are bored you can go watch a video of Sister Andrade here that's my companion for ya!  Hey and she's going back to temple square October 16 and will be going home the end of November so y'all need to hurry and go find her!
Here's something I learned from the scriptures the past week.  This scripture really stuck out to me, "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." (2 Nephi 5:27)  I think that's everyones true desire, to live after the manner of happiness.  I mean, in reality who doesn't want to be happy?  I couldn't help but think, what brings them this happiness?  While reading through I discovered exactly that!  It was at this point where they had just arrived in the promised land and Nephi decides to leave Laman and Lemuel and take anyone with him that wants to follow.  Once they were separated Nephi taught his people (v.15) built a temple (v.16) and had his people labor with their hands (v.17).  Ultimately the people were happy because they were working hard and doing what was right.  The Lamanites weren't living in this happy state because they became idle (v.24).  So the lesson learned is if you want to be happy, then you must work for it! 
My dear family, always remember who you and how important you are to Heavenly Father!  I love y'all so much and keep y'all constantly in my prayers.  Thank you for the example you are to me.  Hope y'all have a happy week.  :)
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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