Monday, May 19, 2014

happy graduation!

Hey Family!
So this morning I'm waiting there for the bus just thinking about what I'm gonna write to y'all.  And I think, "holy cow, Emily graduates this week!  That's so crazy.  I'll have to send her something."  Then I get to the library and realize school in Utah gets out two weeks later than in Louisiana so you still got a couple weeks left.  Oops my bad, anyways I'll probably forget in two weeks so I'll just tell you now.  Congratulations Emily!  How does it feel to be done with high school?  Oh hey and you look beautiful in your prom dress! 
Hey Sarah!  Haha nothing really new or exciting is happening.  Well, it officially feels like summer (luckily it hasn't gotten too hot yet) so that's real nice.  Man I tell ya, winter is so depressing when you're a missionary.  I've never been so excited for summer in my life.  Mostly just for the nice weather and the sun light.  :)  Honestly I have no clue what classes you should sign me up for next semester.  The only thing I have to say is finish my generals, religion, maybe an exercise class, etc and have 15-17 total credits if possible.  I don't know what I want to do with my life, goodness gracious!  I've been thinking about maybe just going back and deciding to do Dental Hygiene.  But who knows, if possible you could try to sign me up for BIO264, I think that's needed for it.  Web design would be sweet or landscape artist or something.  I don't know!  And it don't matter where I'll be living, anywhere is good.  Thanks so much, you're the best!
Anyways, how was y'alls week?  You got any plans for summer coming up?  Our week here was pretty good!  We invited lots of people to church yesterday though and you'd think more would come because there was a linger longer.  I mean free food, who wouldn't come?  But no one was weird hardly anyone was at church.  But other than that it was great!
The best news was that Sister Coleman came home from the hospital on Friday!  She'd been in there practically four weeks after her surgery.  I told y'all before but if you forgot, she had to get her vocal chords removed because her cancer came back.  The good news is she was on a feeding tube a week ago but now she's just on a soft foods diet.  She can't talk right now and don't know how long it will be before she can or if she can.  But she's really healthy and looks good.  :)  man I miss her talking though, she's so funny!  Luckily she can just write down all her funny comments.  I love Sister Coleman so much!  Goodness, she's one of my absolute favorite people here.  :) 
Oh!  Here's a sweet miracle.  So for the Gladys Knight thing we tried calling up a bunch of less actives on the roster to invite them to come.  We got a hold of this one lady named Margo that we'd never met before.  She was super nice and said they'd like to go.  So we just stopped by and gave them their tickets real fast, didn't really get to talk much.  It was sweet too because they live behind a business but it was confusing to find them.  Luckily we drove up and they just drove up right before we did.  Anyways, they came to the event and loved it!  She called us the next day and said how much she appreciated us inviting her and that we could come over whenever.  Then the next week we went to ZTM and the Prairieville sisters asked us if we knew this lady named Margo and if we invited her to Gladys Knight.  They said that she came to church the next sunday and shared her testimony and it was so sweet.  Then the other day we called her to see if we could come see her and she said that she's starting to go back to church!  She got baptized in 3rd ward so she's going back over there.  The sisters said she's been coming every week too!  It's a bummer she doesn't come to our ward, but hey at least she's going to church now. 
I'm sure there were more miracles from this week but I can't think of any of them right now!  I just love it here!
Here's a sweet scripture I read this morning, Mosiah 7:29 "For behold, the Lord hath said: I will not succor my people in the day of their transgression; but I will hedge up their ways that they prosper not; and their doings shall be as a stumbling block before them."  The Lord won't help us a whole ton when we aren't doing good things.  He always wants us to choose the right!  But then it turns to this scripture, Mosiah 7:33 "But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."  He'll always help us out, but not when we aren't trying to get out.  Lesson learned, if you want help take the first step. 
I love y'all so much!  Hope you have a great week.  :)
Love Always, Sister Schmutz

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