Monday, May 5, 2014


Hey Family!
Hope y'all are doing well.  :)  I'm so excited to talk with y'all next sunday!  Brother Maughan said we could come over to his house and use his computer again.  Iris didn't tell us what time would be good, so I have no clue what time to tell y'all.  Will Andrew's ipad be there though?  I'll use Brother Maughan's ipad again to facetime y'all.  Our church is from 9-12 and I'll be sure to call y'all after your church is over. 

That's exciting that McKenzie came home last week.  Tell her I say hey. :)
Goodness, this week has been so tiring I don't even know where to begin.  Man I wish I could just go to bed for a couple days and wake up all ready to work again.  Here, I'll explain so on tuesday Gladys Knight and the choir she directs, Saints Unified Voices came to sing and share testimony for our stake and the Denham Springs stake.  It was really stressful because the instructions from the stake and from the mission was different so we ended up running out of tickets we told people we'd get for them and then it took forever to actually get them over to those we had tickets for. 
Then tuesday rolls around and we had plans to ride the bus down with Chandra and her family.  The bus system was way off and her bus barely got there in time but then the other bus that we needed to get to the stake center was really late.  So we ended up getting there an hour late for the first show.  We decided to just skip it and go get ice cream and then we waited in line for the later show.  Really frustrating but I'd say it was worth it.  Holy cow the performance was so good too!  Tons and tons of people came and Gladys Knight and her husband shared their testimonies and sang lots of songs, it was really cool.  :) 
Anyways, during the fireside they gave everyone programs and on the program you could write your name and address if you wanted to receive a sample cd, Book of Mormon, and the restoration DVD.  And we had to deliver all those within 48 hrs.  So wednesday morning our zone met up to receive all our request cards and packages.  There were all these different stacks for each district.  Goodness, there was one giant stack too.  Haha I turned to Sister Wolf and said, "I sure hope that giant stack isn't ours."  Haha and low and behold it was.  We had 53 different requests cards for our area!  Our ward had the most out of all the wards that came, we had double of any other ward.  Pretty cool but very busy too.  Luckily the zone leaders went on exchanges with the north elders and they double worked the area so at least some of them could have a car.  And then the next day the gonzales sisters came up and we went on exchanges with them so we could use their car too.
There's some sweet miracles from it too.  Some people are real excited to learn more and have even already said that this is what they've been looking for.  I'm really excited to see the little miracles from it. 
And that's about our whole week right there for ya.  Just walking all over the place to deliver all these packages!  Too many people to see and not enough time I tell ya. 
Oh here's a sweet/funny little story for y'all.  So we're walking down the street the other day and this man rides up to us on his bike.  
He says, "Are y'all pentecostal?  I saw y'all walking and I knew you were spiritual people so I just had to come and talk to y'all."
"No, we're actually missionaries for our church.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
Long story short we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it.
The next morning we get a call from him!  (His names Elder Taylor)  and he's just asking if we made it home safely.  We ask him if we can come over and talk more about the book we gave him so we schedule a time and head on over. 
We ended up being at his house for an hour and a half and the whole time his wife was just preaching to us about how we don't have the Holy Ghost because we don't speak in tongues.  It was strange, but a good experience.  We didn't really even get to say a word! 
And then a couple hours later he called again and asked if we could come back and this time we can share with them what we believe since the last time we listened to what they believe. 
It shall be an interesting experience for sure!  I hope the next time they'll actually listen to what we say. 
Anyways I'm excited to talk to y'all on sunday.  Y'all are awesome and remember to keep reading your scriptures and choosing the right.  Love you!!
Love Always, Sister Schmutz 

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